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Squirts Swim School provides lessons starting from 12 months. Students are placed in classes best suited to their level. These classes run weekly for nine weeks during the New South Wales school term. Within the school term children are involved in a lifesaving lessons, which provide safety awareness and skills. Holiday lessons are available in between each school term and run for four days.


The water confidence program is designed for children aged 12 months to 3 years.
This program allows toddlers to become more aware and confident in the aquatic environment. The children will be introduced to the basic water safety skills, which include introductory breathing techniques (blowing bubbles), dog paddle, floating and basic diving entry (rockets). For this to be achieved, both instructor and parents are involved in the exciting activities from within the pool. These classes are held on Wednesday and Saturday mornings and Friday afternoons for a duration of 30 minutes and are held at 24 White Ave.
Total cost of this program for 9 weeks is $95.

30 Minute Lessons

Once children have completed our Water Confidence program they then continue onto our Learn To Swim (LTS) program. From the age of three, students are placed into a group of three with one instructor.

In our 30-minute lessons we encourage the child to become more independent within the water, and continue to improve their dives, breathing, dog paddle and back kicking skills; while introducing the beginning steps to freestyle.

These lessons are held Monday - Friday in the afternoons as well as Wednesday and Saturday mornings. The total cost of this program for 9 weeks is $130 and is held at 24 White Ave.

45 Minute Lessons

In our 45-minute lessons students are placed in groups of 4 with 1 instructor. This class continues to develop freestyle and backstroke. Once the student develops the correct swimming techniques for these two strokes we then introduce breaststroke. These lessons are held in the afternoons Monday-Friday and Wednesday and Saturday Mornings.

The total cost of this program for 9 weeks is $145 and is held at 24 White Ave.


These lessons are held at The Armidale School, Monday and Thursday mornings and Saturday afternoons. They run for a duration of 45 and 60minutes with 8-10 students in each class. Our mini squads aim to improve stroke techniques for freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke while introducing butterfly. There is also a focus on endurance and competition preparation.

The total cost of this program for 9 weeks is $130 for 45min and $171 for 60min.


Adult Learn To Swim lessons are available. They are normally run as a private one-on-one lesson with the instructor. However, group lessons can be arranged if there is a group of adults interested.

The cost of this program will be discussed at the time of the inquiry.


These classes are run throughout the school holidays, and are available for Learn to Swim and Mini Squads.

The cost of this program is $60 for 4 lessons.

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